“As a former UASU Employee who worked for the Student Services, I can genuinely say that this is an opportunity not to be missed! I grew so much professionally and personally. Student Services are incredibly flexible and accommodating to work for. Don’t miss out on this! (I have willingly written this post, I was not incentivized or encouraged to do so)”

“Great platform to communicate to a wide range of audience ”

“Success! The place has been rented out! ”

“This was a little bit unusual a posting, as we were promoting a concert in Convocation Hall for the Mainstage series. We did end up with the largest audience of the past few years though in what was for us an exhilarating event. Thanks to Switchboard for helping us make the show a success!”

Don Ross shared this story on February 6, 2020

U of A Mainstage Concert: The Road to Django

“The photography by this duo and in particular the city events that have been covered for example at the Commonwealth Walkway official opening were unbelievably great that I used in my blog and for promotion of a local event. Absolutely a lasting impression for me and the community worth your while if you want to cover a special event or other projects that need their story highlighted this is the one!   Sherry Ambassador for Commonwealth Games Association of Canada ”

“It helped the word to reach out ”

George Felobes '21 shared this story on July 17, 2019

Be part of the Biomedical Industry!

“Our job posting received a lot of attention and quite a few applications thanks to our posting on switchboard!”

“So glad my offer was of value to two individuals. One graduate and one present student. Sent follow up email to both individuals as per their ask to connect. Have set up a coffee date With one colleague and waiting to hear back from the other individual on how best to connect to provide advice. ”

Heather Raymond '82 shared this story on January 25, 2019

Advice from a public school educator

“After contacting Kate, sending in an application, and a rigorous hiring process, I've joined the team at KPMG! Many thanks to Kate, who was responsive and helpful to all my inquiries throughout the process.”

Ross Lockwood '15 shared this story on August 29, 2018

Data & Analytics Opportunity

“When I posted my "ASK" I really wasn't sure how this would go or IF I would get any useful responses. I have a had a fast response and a link to someone that can steer me down the right road and gather some resources or potentially other links/networking.  Awesome! Thanks.  Loretta”

Loretta Lee '97 shared this story on July 3, 2018

Nursing consulting?

“Just met with another fellow alumni last week to talk about the fashion design industry. It's been fabulous to met so many inspiring alumni! ”

Jessica Kennedy '20 shared this story on May 17, 2018

Marketing a Human Ecology degree

“I recently met with a new grad for coffee, and we has a lovely chat about the fashion industry here in Edmonton. I was also able to put him in touch with some other connections in the Canadian fashion industry. It was great to chat face-to-face, and it turned out that we had some common connections! Thanks Dinuka Gunaratne for putting us in touch. ”

Jessica Kennedy '20 shared this story on May 3, 2018

Marketing a Human Ecology degree

“The response to my question/offer has been very positive. Several great connections have resulted that may lead to collaboration, but at the very least more people know there are others out there asking the same questions and trying to help.”